Curtain Tracks

High Quality Motorised Curtain Tracks

There can be no thinking of a cozy home or office without curtains coming to mind. The warmth and comfortable aura that a well-placed drapery just cannot be replicated by any other window furnishing. While a room may have harsh angles, curtains can soften up and make a room more comfortable than they look. The addition of curtains can make or break a room, and their placement can be crucial. Remember, the way you design your home conveys your personality.

Draperies, especially in larger homes, can weigh a lot and a little curtain rod may not be up for the task of making sure they stay up. A relative innovation called curtain tracks to come in, replacing the traditional and relatively limited rod and hook method of putting up curtains. Curtain Tracks are fast becoming the popular choice for hanging curtains because of their convenience and variety of options, especially their ability to accommodate heavier drapes.

What are Curtain Tracks?

Traditionally, draperies are mounted above windows and over walls via a simple rod suspended on hooks and are then slid open and closed by just pulling on the cloth. These rods are prone to bending and even collapsing under the weight of the draperies, especially for larger applications. Curtain Tracks, on the other hand, affix the curtain on a track that can be hidden away up in the ceiling or above windows. The great thing about them is that they distribute the weight of the curtains evenly, making them virtually immune to bending. The individual clips or hooks also rest on rollers that freely glide along tracks, resulting in a smoother opening and closing action.

Curtain Tracks have the option to be automated and motorised, allowing you to open or close them at the touch of a button. Features like these open them up to a lot of other possibilities, especially for an automated and connected home or office.

Benefits of having CurtainTracks Installed

Curtain hardware should be straightforward and at the same time, functional and practical. Curtain Tracks are simply the most efficient way of installing draperies at home, with its multiple advantages over the traditional curtain rods. Please take a look at some of these benefits below which make them quite accessible

Ease of Use

There is a tendency for curtains to bunch up if you are using the traditional curtain rod, and they can be frustrating. This is impossible with a Curtain Track because the clips or rings that hold on to the fabric run on smooth tracks, making it extremely easy to open and close.

Shallow Profile

The low profile of the tracks makes them easy to tuck into crevices, making it super easy to achieve that minimalistic and clean look.

Even Weight Distribution

Unlike Curtain rods, Curtain Tracks are not prone to bending and sagging as the drapery is physically attached to each pin or hook at equally spaced intervals, causing even the heaviest of drapes glides smoothly and evenly.

Curtain tracks are well suited to the modern homes of today. Large windows are always a welcome addition to any home and with them will always be draperies. Curtain tracks are the only way to go if you want that balance between practicality, durability, and convenience.




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