Markilux Awnings: A Multi Award Winning Product

Markilux is a world leading German awning brand offering high-quality designer awnings, blinds, and pergolas, that are able to stand up to the rigors of tough Australian weather conditions. With more than 40 years of experience in technical research and innovation, Markilux has distinguished its brand by being at the forefront of the luxury awnings industry in design, function, safety and service.

Here at Rolletna, we have been a Markilux reseller and installer for over 15 years and have seen first-hand time and again the award winning qualities of this product. Let’s find out more about Markilux award winning designs and how their products can be a perfect addition to your home or business.

Award Winning Designs

The Markilux design process operates by a fundamental principle of combining the perfect functionality with high aesthetics. This balance of form and function, and a continual commitment to innovation, has resulted in a proven history of Markilux award winning products.

Markilux has received a multitude of awards in a range of categories including; technological innovation, unique pioneering design trends, innovative architecture and materials, and successful brand strategies. Some of the recent awards won by Markilux include:


Award Achievement
2020 Winner

2019 Winner & Product Brand of the Year Best of the Best

2018 Winner

2017 Winner

2020 The Major German Brands

2020 The Major German Brands

2017 Most innovative brand of the year
Innovation award winner
2021: Markilux Pergola Stretch

2021: Selection MX (special mention)

2020: Markilux MX-3

2019: Markilux Markant & Markilux Visutex (special mention)

2018: Markilux 770/870, 776/876, 779/879, Pergola Compact & Excellent Communications Design

2017: Markilux 970

iF Design Award

2017: Markilux 970
Reddot Design Award

2017: Markilux Pergola Compact, 770/870, 776/876, 779/879
2019: Markilux MX-3

2018: Markilux Markant

2018: Markilux Perfotex
2015: MX-1 Compact
Top Hotel Star Award

2019: Markilux Markant (Silber)

2015: Markilux Pergola (Silber)


Markilux Products

Markilux offers a range of quality products suitable for both residential and commercial use.

For smaller residential purposes suitable for patio and balcony applications, Markilux has Cassette awnings which can be manually or electrically operated. This type of awning provides optimum protection against wind and weather, and when retracted the cassette completely encompasses the cover.

Alternatively if you prefer a more open style, Markilux also has Semi-cassette and Open style awnings, in this design the cover is only partly protected or not at all, ideally suited for use on patios and balconies not directly exposed to the weather.

For commercial use requiring more large-scale shade, Markilux offers a range of pergola awning systems.


Markilux is a world leading German awning brand offering high-quality designer awnings.

With more than 40 years of experience in technical research and innovation, the company is renowned for their cutting edge designs and practical easy-to-use devices. They have won countless awards in a variety of categories and are recognised as the leading brand in the market.

In choosing a Markilux designer awning, you are opting for the very best quality providing outstanding protection for both residential and commercial use.

Here at Rolletna we take great pride in offering our customers the best products available. We have over 15 years’ experience working with Markilux products. We offer a comprehensive all-inclusive service, where we’ll work with you to plan, deliver and successfully install a Markilux Awning that’s perfectly suited for your use.

If you have any further questions on any of Markilux products or are ready to embark on your

Innovative Awning journey, why not contact us today.