Aluminium Louvre Systems

High Quality Aluminium Louvre Systems

Modern-day is designed to admit light and air, but not direct rain, sunlight or even snow. Advances in manufacturing technology made Aluminium Louvre Systems an affordable, durable, and easy to install external window furnishing. Not only that, but an Aluminium Louvre Systems is one of the most environmentally friendly materials available as it is 100% recyclable products. Aluminium Louvre Systems provide architects with options in home and building design. Aluminium Louvre Systems also have the advantage of being easily altered into practically all shapes, sizes, and colours, providing great flexibility in applications.

Aluminium Louvre is similar in appearance to External Venetian Blinds, but the similarities end there. One can say that an Aluminium Louvre Systems are used in most facade and windows of homes or commercial premises that are highly exposed sunlight that can otherwise adversely affect temperatures within a building. They are also extensively used to provide ventilation to areas, especially plant rooms and sheds. Aluminium Louvre Systems are typically applied externally; therefore, Aluminium Louvre Systems have an inherently more robust construction from the thickness of the materials to their wear-resistant coloured coatings than any mere window blind furnishing.

Aluminium Louvre Systems are initially made for industrial and office applications, but modern manufacturing methods have reached a point where they can be practical and affordable enough for residential use. While they come in either fixed or adjustable configurations, an optional addition to their features is the availability of motorised options for automated operation, further adding the convenience and ease of their use through a touch of a button.


Benefits of an Aluminium Louvre Systems

Aside from providing a switchable ventilation option, aluminium louvres have come a long way from their dull grey colour and design. They can now come in fully customisable configuration and colour textures. Most architects already incorporate aluminium louvres into their building designs not just because of their functionality but as part of the overall aesthetic design of the structure. Below is a snapshot of some of their benefits.

Flexibility of Application

Aluminium Louvre Systems have come a long way from their boxy and industrial designs and can now be configured based on customer's preferences and needs. They can be installed just about anywhere they are needed to be not to mention in any colour combination imaginable.


Aluminium has one of the highest weight-to-strength ratios of any metal, making them a very lightweight option for high-strength applications. Furthermore, this metal does not rust and is exceptionally resistant to corrosion. These properties make it suited for a variety of outdoor applications for coastal properties.

100% Recyclable

What this means is that although aluminium is a reasonably modern material, it does not contribute to harming the environment. It needs very little maintenance and can be recycled indefinitely without losing its properties.

Louvres may be an old architectural design, but it is an adaptable one. Combined with modern manufacturing methods and materials, Aluminium Louvre Systems sure to be a part of many buildings and homes well into the future.

Even Weight Distribution

Unlike Curtain rods, Curtain Tracks are not prone to bending and sagging as the drapery is physically attached to each pin or hook at equally spaced intervals, causing even the heaviest of drapes glides smoothly and evenly.

Curtain tracks are well suited to the modern homes of today. Large windows are always a welcome addition to any home and with them will always be draperies. Curtain tracks are the only way to go if you want that balance between practicality, durability, and convenience.


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