Premium Design External Venetian Blinds

Key Benefits of Horiso External Venetian Blinds

Easy to Install

Horiso Speciality External Venetian blinds can be customised in terms of width and length to fit any area of installation. With just a few snaps here and there, you can enjoy the many benefits of installing Horiso External Venetian Blinds right in your very own home or office.

A Breeze To Operate

Horiso External Venetian Blinds are easy to operate because you can choose whether you want to adjust them manually, use a motorised remote control, or even a fully integrated automation. Installing them is also easy because you can have its widths and lengths customised depending on your preference.

Protective from Elements

These External Venetian Blinds offer users a considerable amount of protection against harmful UV rays. It boasts the ability to reflect high levels of radiation and reduce energy should you want to lessen the load of your heating or cooling systems. Also, Horiso External Venetian blinds offer high wind resistance, given the fact that they are engineered to withstand extreme wind conditions.

Easy to Control

Since External Venetian blinds are connected with a one-tilt mechanism, it gives users the ability to control the light that enters the room if the user chooses to open or close it using a remote control or a smartphone. If you don’t have Motorised External Venetian Blinds, you can use the pull cord tassel or string that comes with it, giving you the total control and maximising the use of daylight that enters the room.

Motorised External Venetian Blinds 

Motorised window blinds are a sleek, modern choice for owners of new homes. They’re easy to maintain and exceptionally durable – making them ideal options compared to older versions that were more difficult to clean or repair when broken. Motorised curtains have unique custom-fit designs made just for your windows, so you get the most out of this purchase while being able to enjoy complete privacy without worrying about what’s on the other side. 

Rolletna is an Australian-based company known for manufacturing quality window accessories both indoors and outdoors since 2001. They provide customised options so you can see your vision brought to life. Rolletna is a business with experience and excellent craftsmanship to turn your design into a reality, whether you’re looking for motorised blinds, curtains or shutters to help transform your home. 

 At Rolletna, we pride ourselves on meeting the functional requirements of our clients concerning their window furnishings. We offer a wide selection of products that includes Motorised Venetian Blinds, which are customisable for your needs. 

Benefits of Motorised Venetian Blinds 

External Venetian Blinds Provide Insulation and Light control 

By utilising motorised blinds, you can save money by being more energy-efficient. Every home should have at least one window with these automatic Venetian blinds fitted for an automated solution that’s both practical and functional. You can control the position of the slats, so they open either horizontally or vertically to help control the temperature in your home. Not only that, but electric curtains can also be used to help maintain privacy according to your needs. 

Outdoor Venetian Blinds Helps Protect from Burglars  

With just a flick of your wrist, you can raise or lower your window blinds with the touch of an app. Since they are motorised and automated, people walking by will think someone is there to keep them away from prying eyes even when out on vacation. They’re also excellent at keeping burglars off the property while protecting what’s inside since it takes more than one person for this home security measure, which means there is less chance that thieves will target homes where these types are installed. 

External Venetian Blinds Increase the Value of your Home 

When buyers see your home, they know that the window coverings are professionally installed. This is because of how perfectly custom-fit and styled motorised blinds look on each window in a room—there’s no way you could do this yourself! Motorised windows also come with smart automation features like remote control operation from anywhere using an app; it truly gives off the feel of luxury living.  

Outdoor Venetian Blinds are Easy to Install 

Horizontal external Venetian blinds provide an easy way for homeowners/office managers to customise their window coverings with minimum effort required during installation. Sapping several pieces together allows users customised coverage explicitly tailored towards each space they might need to be covered up like windows within one room or house overall if needed, but don’t forget about how much extra security these types provide. 

Contact us for Free Quote 

If you’re looking for the best place to buy motorised blinds, turn to Rolletna today! We offer high-quality products that are not only beautiful but durable and long-lasting options designed just for your taste and needs. The perfect addition to your home, choose the right one for you from a wide selection of styles and colours from Rolletna today. We look forward to working with you. 

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High Quality External Venetian Blinds

External Venetian Blinds or Outdoor Venetian Blinds offer a superior shading solution with much flexibility. The slats of the venetian blind can be tilted to optimise privacy or light control. The great thing with the External Venetian blind is that it can be fully retracted so if you don’t want it in the way, it is out of the way and out of sight. Options are available for specific needs associated with light and wind. 

Rolletna’s external venetian blinds are sourced from Horiso who are based at Marrickville in Sydney. They provide exceptionally well made outdoor venetian blinds and have a postcard array of well known projects including the Sydney Convention Centre. One of true qualities of any locally made product is serviceability and Horiso genuinely ensure that their external venetian blind products are repaired quickly and if necessary come to site to make any necessary adjustments.

With architectural form and functional appeal, external venetian can be easily integrated into sensors that adjust the slat position to maximise light and minimise heat transfer. The slat position considers the day of the year (knowing that the sun is higher during summer and lower in winter), time of day, the direction that the blind is facing (North, South East or West) as well as the current recorded temperatures and light intensity. Amazing stuff at quite an affordable price for both domestic and commercial application.

Slat profiles on this imported external venetian product accommodate wind speed, colour and width preferences. The blind’s side profile is held in place either a wire guide or channel system.
It is imperative to get the right advice with external blinds. Wind direction and intensity, as well as colours, have a significant bearing of the effectiveness of external venetian blinds.


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