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Windows can be a defining feature in any room and choosing the right window treatment can make all the difference. Not only can it add a touch of elegance, but it can also provide much-needed

Inside look of awnings with a captivating view of plants outside

Controlling heat #2 – Outdoors

Here in Australia we can be susceptible to harsh weather conditions, from long hot dry summers to periods of high winds, Australian conditions can be unforgiving. The way these conditions have been minimised in the

Patio with a rolling blackout blinds.

Controlling heat #1 – Indoors

Windows form a central part of the fabric of your home. They admit light, warmth and fresh air, and provide occupants with views of the outside world. However from an energy efficiency perspective, windows can

elegant thick with translucent curtains

Fabrics – Types and Use Cases

Curtains and blinds can make the perfect addition to the decor of any room.  Not only can they add a sense of personal style, but are also purposeful and practical, providing you with privacy and

Glass doors featuring an outdoor patio

Markilux Awnings: A Multi Award Winning Product

Markilux is a world leading German awning brand offering high-quality designer awnings, blinds, and pergolas, that are able to stand up to the rigors of tough Australian weather conditions. With more than 40 years of