Controlling heat #1 – Indoors

Windows form a central part of the fabric of your home. They admit light, warmth and fresh air, and provide occupants with views of the outside world. However from an energy efficiency perspective, windows can also be the source of significant heat loss and gain.

Luckily the installation of internal window coverings can dramatically improve the thermal function of a house. If chosen with care, they can provide a number of functional benefits and help keep you comfortable for years to come.

Here at Rolletna we aim to provide our customers with a range of energy efficient window coverings. In this blog we’ll go through the various options available and the benefits that each provides, so our customers are in a better position to find just the right fit for their homes.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are window blinds that are made from a stiffened fabric attached to a timber or aluminium roller. They can be spring-loaded, adjusted with a chain mechanism or motorised, and come in a variety of styles offering different functionality.

Roller blinds exhibit a contemporary finish and take up minimal space when retracted, thereby maximising the viewing area. They are generally available in sunscreen or blockout options offering different levels of heat control.

Sunscreen roller blinds are made from an almost entirely translucent fabric capable of blocking 99% of the sun’s UV rays, and up to 85% of the heat from the sun. They are perfect for sunny climates and rooms where you’d like an unobstructed view with plenty of light.

Blockout roller blinds go the next step further, by stopping heat and light from entering your home altogether. Since they prevent solar rays from entering entirely, they’re an excellent way to keep heat out of your home.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are typically specified by designers where a feature is required of the blind and fabric. Roman blinds can be fitted over the window to achieve an extremely good block-out solution for bedrooms, or alternatively can be fitted into a window reveal. 

They provide a classical and elegant finish with the fold line being a feature, and can be designed to be operated as cord, continuous chain, motorised, common cording or linked. Their styles also vary and come in a number of varieties including; structured soft, unstructured soft, batten, rod pocket, and batten backed romans.

Roman blinds are great for controlling light and the temperature of your house. Depending on fabrics and whether or not a backing fabric is used, heat transfer can be controlled quite well so that the inside temperature is cooler in summer and warmer in winter than otherwise would be the case without any window covering.

Panel Glides

Panel glides are a versatile and elegant shading option for large windows and sliding doors. They are constructed from large drops and draw horizontally rather than vertically like roller blinds and roman blinds. 

Panel glides are easily configured for either centre or side opening, and are especially suited for doorways that require more constant access. Each panel glide is individually customised so that fabric drops slightly overlap and are accommodated to a tracking system consisting of between two and eight tracks.

They have been designed to achieve effective light and temperature control. When open their panels stack neatly behind one another, maximising natural sunlight. When closed they form a complete fabric screen, offering versatile light control and privacy.


Shutters are usually made from timber or PVC, with adjustable blades, and are one of the most popular choices for interior window coverings. They provide privacy, but also block a considerable amount of light even when the blades are tilted open. They are easily operated by a centre tilt bar, in which when one blade is moved by hand, all blades move together.

If the right timber has been selected in the construction, such as cedar,  shutters provide great window insulation, allowing for the effective control of internal temperatures.


Venetian blinds have a horizontal slat and can be tilted to optimise visibility or heat reflection.

They can be lifted so that they stack at the top to allow access to a door or window, and hold down clips can also be used to minimise the impact of wind.

These blinds offer privacy while still allowing plenty of sunlight through, something that many other blinds cannot offer. Venetian blinds are constructed as either timber or aluminium and can be operated via a cord or motorised.

One of the main benefits they offer is the ease of which they can control the amount of light in your home. With the turn of a wand and a simple lift (or the press of a button if motorised), the blind can be drawn completely for an unobstructed view.


Curtains are fabric interior coverings that are sized to fit a window. They come in a large variety of colour and fabric; from plain to printed, sheer to blockout and everything else in between.

Curtains will enhance the look of any room they’re in and can either be motorised or drawn manually by hand. Depending on the type of fabric chosen, they can be an effective option for keeping the heat at bay and also improve the insulation in your home. For maximum flexibility and heat protection, curtains pair well with blinds but will also do an excellent job of reducing heat gain alone.

The windows in our homes can be the source of significant heat loss, with about 30% of a home’s heating energy being lost through windows.

Fortunately an effective way to counteract this is through the installation of internal window coverings. These are products that are added to existing windows to improve energy efficiency, reduce glare and provide natural lighting. They can also provide privacy and enhance the overall appearance and comfort of a home.

There are various window covering options available ranging from blinds and panel glides, to shutters and venetians. When selecting which might be the most appropriate, make sure you match the level of protection / visibility provided to a room’s intended use. Remember to also assess the functionality of each product to judge how effective it can be at regulating changing weather conditions.

Here at Rolletna we’re committed to meeting our customers’ needs. We provide a range of stylish and easy to operate internal window coverings made from high quality materials designed to withstand the harsh elements of the Australian climate. We can help you match the right covering to its best intended application, providing you with an effective mechanism for temperature regulation.


For any of your internal window covering needs, why not contact us today.