High Quality Custom Made Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds Made in Sydney

Rolletna has been operating in the greater Sydney area with custom made roman blinds since 2000. Our showroom in Artarmon lets customers see a wide variety of fabrics and style for your next roman blinds project.

Motorised Roman Blinds

We manufacture our roman blinds in our own factory to ensure the highest quality and quick delivery across all areas of Sydney. Whether you are looking for motorised or manual roman blinds, we produce a truly custom look that has made our showroom a premier destination with interior designers.

We are open to working with architects, interior designers, homeowners and business owners to truly develop the look you always wanted. Our roman blinds is truly a work of art in any window, door or room.

Above all, our custom made roman blinds comes with 5 year warranty on all blinds and 2 year on labour.

Choose Rolletna’s Roman Blinds for:

  • Customised designs
  • Manufactured fabrics in Sydney, Australia
  • 5-year parts warranty
  • Top notch quality materials
  • Detail to perfection
  • Competitive pricing

Custom Made Roman Blinds in Sydney

Before And After Roman Blinds Projects

Below gallery demonstrates the quality of our custom made roman blinds. Moreover, our craftsmanship is a testimony to our dedication towards ensuring your roman blinds always look the best.

Roman blinds that have been folded and featuring a cozy couch. Roman blinds with a leaf pattern and a dark brown couch 
Translucent blinds and a folded colorful roman blinds Roman blinds with colorful patterns
Green and white color of roman blinds that have been folded. Green and white theme of roman blinds

Roman Blinds from Rolletna

A home is where one should be able to find relaxation and comfort and, more often than not, these two are results of mindful planning and envisioning of which furniture and decorations will go inside.  

Windows are a crucial part of the house; they aren’t just functional; they also add to the overall art and design of rooms. Hence, windows shouldn’t be overlooked. They provide maximum natural light or sunscreen and ventilation or protection to the room. The addition of curtains or blinds allows full control over the amount of light and air coming through the windows. 

Rolletna has carved its name in the field of Roman blinds, shutters, awnings and other window furnishings by manufacturing quality window accessories, both indoors and outdoors, for more than two decadesBased in Sydney, Rolletna is a one-stop shop regarding anything window treatment, even providing customized options for clients to see their vision and creativity come to life. 

Rolletna is a dependable company for producing window furnishings that control light, wind, air and sound, according to the functional requirements of the roomand one of which is Roman blinds. 

Benefits of Roman Blinds 

Roman blinds are excellent in serving its purpose of giving the room just the right degree of brightness or dimness. They are also able to blend in with the interior of the room because they come in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics. 

  • Roman blinds are versatile
  • Roman blinds give the right degree of brightness
  • Diverse Prints and patterns 
  • High Quality Fabrics
  • Aesthetic and improves room design


Because of the versatility of Roman blinds, you can get optimum functionality without compromising the design of the room. Rolletna offers customized Roman blinds designs and are open to working with architects, interior designers, homeowners and business owners to ensure that the final product perfectly matches the look being asked.  

There are diverse choices of prints, patterns and fabrics available. These details don’t just contribute to the aesthetic but can also provide visual illusion. For instance, adding lines and stripes to the design of your Roman shades will complement the proportions of the room. Striped blinds can make your room look longer or higher than it actually is while horizontal stripes can highlight the height of the ceiling if you have a high ceiling living room 

The room in which the Roman blinds, will be installed should be taken into consideration when picking out which color it will be in. Bright, warm-tone colored Roman blinds make the room look more spacious, suitable for living rooms and offices. While cool tones will exude a soothing and comfy vibe that goes well with bedrooms. 

Rolletna Guarantees Excellent Services  

Rolletna provides great service, guiding you in choosing the right design of your Roman blinds to guarantee that it fits all your requirements.  

One of the enjoyable things about Roman blinds is it can come in any pattern you want and Rolletna allows clients to pick out whatever pattern appeals to them or suits the room in subject. You can play around with designs to spruce up a plain-looking space or keep it minimal with Roman blinds. 

Roman Blinds A Must Haves For Homes 

Direct sunlight can cause fading of the colors of the fabric and lining, making Roman blinds look dull and patchy from the outside. Therefore, it is vital to choose the appropriate type of fabrics and linings to prevent discoloration where windows are present.  

Roman blind linings act as an extra layer of filter between sunlight and face fabric, giving protection to the fabric dye. Linings also support the structure and shape of the Roman blinds, helping the folds and pleats look crisper and sharper. 

If the room doesn’t get that much direct sunlight, it is possible to opt out the linings. Unlined Roman Blinds can maintain the room bright and well-lit as you want it to be, modern curtains for any room.

Aside from the actual design on the fabric, there are also different types of Roman blinds according to the style of folding – Flat, Classic, Relaxed or European and Hobbled. Each style presents different unique finishes that will give the room an elegant and professional touch. 

Roman blinds can be considered as a valuable investment because of its functionality, and its simple addition will immediately make any living space more comfortable and satisfactory.  

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Shop at Rolletna, you can be sure that your blinds are made with high quality and sensible craftsmanship. Covered with a 100% warranty for 5 years on all parts and 2 years for labourit is guaranteed that Roman blinds from Rolletna are secured and built for longevity. 

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We believe so strongly that our range of outdoor blinds, custom made curtains, roman blinds, roller blinds, awnings and louvre systems will go the distance that we cover these products with a 100% warranty for 5 years on all parts and 2 years for labour. 

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