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Curtain track profile is approximately 25mm by 30mm.


Internal Windows, Doors, Theaters and Stages.


Remote Control, Switch, Touch Activated, Building Automation Integrated.



Motors specified to ensure the correct torque and optimal speed. With the correct torque the motor can lift a weight within its limits whilst maximizing the speed.


All curtain drapery fabrics including sheer and block out.

Widths & Drop

Width: 500 mm to 15 meters

Drop: 500 mm to 8 meters

Motorised Curtains

Electric Curtains Solution

For homeowners and business owners who want to add character to their property, curtains are the way to go. However, opt not just for a regular curtain because curtains now come with a motorised option that will allow you to adjust it without breaking a sweat. Upgrading your regular curtains to Motorised Curtains will give your space a significant upgrade because not only it looks sleek, but it is also practical to use. It will make every homeowner’s lives more comfortable and far more enjoyable and, you will no longer feel that greeting the day is such a chore because you do not have to exert too much effort to open your curtains day or night.
Motorised Curtains allow its user to conveniently draw their curtains with just a touch of a finger. You can control all the Motorised Curtains installed in your home or office using a remote control or app in your mobile devices. Depending on where your choice in automation technology, some home automation technologies such as Somfy also even have an app that will allow you to control your curtains using an app in your smartphone, tablet, and Ipad devices.

Benefits of Smart Curtains

Motorised Curtains Provide Convenience, Privacy and Security

One of the perks that come with Motorised Curtains is its hands-free experience because you can both open or close not only all your curtains but also individually. Motorised Curtains are far better than the traditional ones because you can control them with an app wherever you are within your home or even outside of your house.

There is no more need for you to get up from your comfy bed early in the morning to open your curtains because all you will need is its remote control or your smartphone. Motorised Curtains are a great way to add another layer of privacy and security for your property as a home automation systems can automatically control the curtains at certain times of the day to prevent any unwelcome visitors.

Motorised Curtains Increases Your Curtains’ Lifespan

Manually grabbing and pulling your curtains shortens their lifespan, and it speeds up the curtains’ signs of wear and tear, not only for the fabric but also to its tracks. Another thing that can ruin your curtains is if your child grabs it with their dirty hands, that is why getting a Motorised Curtain is much more advisable, especially if you want the curtains you invested on to last.

Motorised Curtain is Safer for Everyone and Everything

Motorised curtains are made without cords or wires, which makes it safer for homeowners and business premises with children inside the property. Motorised Curtains also protect not only the homeowner’s furniture but also its users from harmful UVA and UVB lights because there is no need for you to go anywhere near the window to close your curtains manually.

Motorised Curtain Track

Yes, Motorised Curtains come with a heftier price tag than the usual traditional curtains in the market; however, our regular clients know that it’s an investment in your home, family and office. The long-term benefits Motorised Curtains far outweigh the amount of money that you have to shell out because getting one for your home or office will change the experience of all occupants for the better.

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