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Electric or Battery Operated Somfy Blinds

Rolletna is a recognised specialist in automation of all window treatments and chooses to use Somfy motorisation solutions.

See and listen to the latest generation of blind motors from Somfy whether it be quiet electric motors in the Sonnesse range or the next generation of battery technology

Whether your electric blinds are controlled through a computerised building management system such as CBUS, Control4 or Dynalite or controlled by remote system with hand sets or a smart phone App, Rolletna will assist you to develop the best and most affordable solution for motorised or battery blinds, motorised curtains, roman blinds, automated external blinds, and motorised awning systems

Somfy Motors: #1 in Motorisation


Motors specified to ensure the correct torque and optimal speed.


12 volt, 240v


Remote control (RTS), wall switch or integrate to a building management system such as CBUS.


Motor is tubular and fits inside the roller blind tube or within a headbox.


Easily motorise and automate virtually any type of window covering.


Wind sensors, timers, sun sensors, temperature sensors, complete weather stations.

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What are the benefits of using Somfy?

    • With Somfy automation, it is easy to have window treatments respond to different sensors that can read the power of sun wind and rain.
    • Somfy sun sensors respond the lux level of light and can instruct a blind to provide shade when light intensifies.
    • Wind sensor can be read the wind speed and instruct an outdoor blind or awning to retract under wind load. We actually prefer the mercury based Somfy vibration sensors for outdoor awnings that will retract an awning when it starts to shake under wind load.

  • In the latest Connexsoon App from Somfy a timer can be used to lower and raise window treatments at specific time of the day. Many of our clients like this option as it provides an element of passive security giving the impression that someone is home when actually this may not be the case.
White somfy wind sensor

Stay safe and comfortable with Somfy.


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5 Year Warranty - Blinds Sydney

5 Year Parts Guarantee
On All Products!

We believe so strongly that our range of outdoor blinds, custom made curtains, roman blinds, roller blinds, awnings and louvre systems will go the distance that we cover these products with a 100% warranty for 5 years on all parts and 2 years for labour. 

At Rolletna, you can feel secure that your investment is designed and built for longevity. 


Benefits of Somfy Automated Blinds

Somfy motorised blinds in Australia offer a lot of benefits. They are easy to use, they look great, and they save you money!

Sleek design

Somfy Motorised Blinds come with elegant designs that will complement any decor. You can choose from a range of colours, including black, white, cream and more, to find the perfect match for your home or commercial space.


Somfy Blinds Australia doesn’t just make your property look good; they also help keep it cool by blocking out heat during summer months and preventing warmth from escaping in the winter months. This is because Somfy Motorised Blinds Australia is fitted with a selective shading system that allows light to enter your property and blocks heat during summer months and warmth in winter.

Adds Convenience to Busy Life

Somfy Motorised Blinds Australia doesn’t just save you money. They also help make your life easier. You can control them with the touch of a button from any location in or around your property and even set up reminders to have them open or close at a specific time.

Simple and Easy to Operate

Somfy Blinds from Rolletna is designed to be easy and simple to operate. They don’t require any special tools or complicated installation, meaning anyone can easily install them. With a push of a button, you can open or close the blinds, set them to a certain time and even schedule reminders.

Extends Life of Blinds

Rolletna’s Somfy Motorised Blinds also help extend the life of your existing blinds by ensuring they are not exposed to too much sunlight. This means that they’re less likely to fade, crack and tear over time, so they will look good for years on end, which is perfect if you want something low maintenance in your home.

Saves You Time

Somfy Motorised Blinds Australia doesn’t just save money but also save you valuable time thanks to their multi-functional design. They’re fitted with automatic sensors that detect when it starts getting dark outside, helping them automatically close at night without any input.

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