Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Motorised Blinds

In today’s modern world, it pays to stay with the times.

Motorisation and automation are providing benefits that are changing the way we live and work in our lives.

When it comes to blinds, motorisation has changed the playing field. Motorised Blinds not only perform the same purpose of traditional blinds, but also offer a significant amount of benefits to both your home and your convenience of use.

Let’s find out about some of the benefits they bring.

Child Safety

When you have little ones running around there’s no compromising on safety.

As part of child proofing your home, you should always consider the area surrounding windows.
Manual blinds, particularly the older cheaper models, contain hazards of loose chains that can prove to be a choking hazard for infants.

Motorised Blinds give parents peace of mind, they are a cordless system, eliminating any risk of entanglement or choking hazards present in manual blinds.

Having this additional level of safety will also benefit any four-legged friends in your home.

Contemporary Minimalist Finish

Manual blinds serve a purpose, but unfortunately, they were never really designed for aesthetics, and often feature loose cords and protruding parts.

Motorised Blinds on the other hand, have not only been designed for convenience but also provide a contemporary minimalist finish.

Since they are integrated into the building and not an additional furnishing, they seamlessly conceal any parts and accessories.

At the touch of a button or simple command, they can go from providing that valuable protection, to retracting back into the building structure.

Home Automation

These days it is all about smart homes, from lights to speakers, and everything else in between; more and more items in the home can be centrally managed through smart home automation.

This equally applies Motorised Blinds as they also have the capability to be synchronised to a home automation hub.

Using the voice control capability of Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you can easily operate the full functionality of motorised blinds.

You may think this is super convenient, but it also has security benefits as well.

With home automation, Motorised Blinds can operate automatically throughout the day, making it look like someone is home, even if you are away, at work or on holiday. This provides a deterrent to any potential thieves who may be monitoring properties.

Energy Saving

Motorised Blinds can also provide energy savings benefits to your home. Their functionality offers incredible control over lighting within your home.

When you are at home, you can open the blinds completely to let in as much natural light as possible, allowing you to turn off lamps and fixtures.

When you are away, you can use your home automation hub, to close your blinds at certain times of the day, so that you control the amount of light and heat that stays in your home, thereby maximising lighting efficiency.

This will allow you to provide protection for items inside your home. For example, certain indoor furniture such as leather lounges will benefit from reduced direct exposure to sunlight, and any indoor plants will stay healthier due to receiving natural light periodically.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of Motorised Blinds is convenience.

When you are comfortably watching a movie, or busy looking after the kids, the last thing you want to have do is manually adjust your blinds.

Whether it is through a remote control, app, or vice command, Motorised Blinds make things so much simpler.

With a simple command, your blind has been conveniently adjusted with no hassles or dramas.
It’s a level of convenience we all wish we had.

Motorised Blinds are also ideal for placement on windows where direct access to them is awkward, such as high void windows.

Motorised Blinds represent the ultimate package. Their design and functionality deliver on child safety and convenience requirements, and produce a contemporary minimalist finish.

When coupled with home automation systems, Motorised Blinds go to that next level providing energy efficiency and additional security measures.

Quite simply, in a modern home, you cannot go past Motorised Blinds.

Remember, in order to get the full benefit of Motorised Blinds, and minimise any difficulties later on, it is essential to engage a blind supplier like Rolletna early on in the process.

At Rollenta, we are experts in the field; we have years of experience in customising and installing Motorised Blinds with technologies such as Somfy. We will work with you to find a blind solution that best suits your needs.

Why not contact us today, and let’s get the process started.